ROC Citizenship is a bespoke entity specializing in government-approved Residency and Citizenship by investment solutions sourced from leading Caribbean and European jurisdictions.

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“If any of my friends or colleagues tell me they are interested in investing in a second passport, I just say to them, forget the other offers and go to ROC Citizenship. Why? Because they understand the value of time, they assist you at every step of the way, and most importantly, they deliver. The team is very good with following up and anytime I call they always
respond straightaway”

Hasan Daouk, Lebanon


“We want to thank the team once again, especially Lisa McShine for the perfect energy and warm conversations we have had. We already recommended ROC to our closest family friends and they are now getting ready to have their second passports.”

B.K, Turkey

“A big thank you to ROC and Sarah Thompson for their outstanding support and genuine warmth throughout the entire process. Sarah’s positive energy and informative discussions made a significant difference. After sharing my positive experience, several of my family friends are now eagerly anticipating the acquisition of their second passports through ROC. We highly recommend ROC for their professionalism and excellent service.”

Talal, UAE

“I was fortunate to find Sarah from ROC Citizenship when we were looking for a processing agent recommended to me by a friend. The service I received from her and the support was fantastic. As an MBA student, I had no time for extra paperwork, which was one thing I didn’t feel like I needed to do while working with ROC Citizenship. .”

Ziad S. Lebanon

“For anyone considering an investment in a second passport, I have one piece of advice: choose ROC Citizenship. Why? Because they value your time, assist every step of the way, and, above all, they deliver on their promises. The team’s commitment to follow-up is commendable, and their immediate response to every call is truly impressive. Forget the rest, go with ROC Citizenship – they truly understand and excel in their service.”

Hamad, Saudi Arabia