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Latvia Situated in north-eastern Europe

Latvia is situated in north-eastern Europe, it has borders with Estonia, Russia, Belarus, and Lithuania. It has linguistic links with Lithuania to the south and historical and religious ties with Estonia to the north. It shares maritime borders with Sweden. Its Capital is Riga.

Latvia has a market economy, and its economic development has been notable since gaining independence. The country has embraced economic reforms and is known for its dynamic business environment.


Country Information

150+ Countries
Time to Residency
3 – 4 Months


  • The residence permit grants the investor rights to work, reside and travel without any limitation in the Schengen Area (Austria, Hungary, Norway, Belgium, Iceland, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Finland, Lithuania, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Germany, Malta, Switzerland) and to carry out business in EU without any limitations.
  • Cheapest program in the European Union
  • No minimum stay requirement to renew the Visa.
  • EU healthcare for your family
  • EU education for your family

Investment Options

  • A person has to invest in Latvian Companies Capital Share Capital at least 50,000 EUR.(this is for one applicant or a family) “Would the investor get any profits from the company or it is just like a donation”
  • €250,000 purchase of interest-free bonds.
  • €305,000 investment into a Latvian bank (including €25,000 to the state budget).


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