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Citizenship by Investment Advice

The Citizenshipby Investment (CBI) program is protected by Grenada’s legislation, namely the “Citizenship by Investment Act 15, 2013.” This law is documented and published and forms part of the laws of Grenada as framed and approved by the national parliament. It stipulatesthat any person can apply for naturalization and may be eligible for Citizenship on a payment of fees if the Government is satisfied that such person has invested substantially in Grenada.

  • The first is by making a contribution to the National Transformation Fund, which assists the development of Grenada’s resources, with the aim of benefitting Grenadians.
  • The other option is an investment into a government-approved real estate project, which comes into being after being reviewed and recommended by the committee to the government Minister in-charge.

Legal Advisory

Acquiring a residency or second citizenship in a country different than the one you were born and/or have formal ties and immigration procedures, generally entails time consuming processes/procedures and it may takes months for the completion of such processes even without any delay. Yet, when it comes to immigration and/or related procedures, the engaging time entails even more attention. Furthermore, it is important to highlight the legalities involved when going through immigration procedures that the being assisted by an expert Immigration Lawyer it is extremely recommended to not say mandatory. Considering the number of countries opening up for different programs of immigration, the applicants recently have a number of options prior making the final decision on moving forward which a country/program of their choice. Selecting a country/programme it is a lifechanging decision which has to be accompanied and guided by professionals deeply involved in the industry. Moreover, please see below a list of documents, but not limited to and depending on the family composition and chosen program, which are always required to be legally translated to English and/or certified/attested:

  • Application form (provided by the Government in English)
  • Foreign passport
  • ID (national identification card)
  • Birth certificate
  • Non-criminal record certificate (place of birth and residence)
  • Education diplomas
  • Medical examination certificate (form provided by the Government in English)
  • Proof of the assets (form provided by the Government in English or your accountant can provide a declaration)
  • Reference from your bank or your lawyer in English (we provide a template in English)
  • passport photos
  • Draft and issuance of required affidavits according to the Governments and clients particularities

Therefore, keeping an eye on the eventual programs changes is the duty and the pleasure for an Immigration Lawyer and they are the best people to approach, while immigration is on the cards and following up closely with the documentary formal requirements providing you peace of mind.

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