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St.Lucia has an intriguing landscape ranging from high mountains to beautiful white sandy beaches interspersed with clear rivers and lush, untouched rainforests. Saint Lucia has a quality of life that is rivalled by very few places in the world. With its easy access to modern facilities, services, infrastructure, world-class hotels, coupled with a bustling business environment and tax exemptions, being a citizen of St. Lucia guarantees a luxurious lifestyle for you and your family.


The St. Lucia Citizenship Act was passed by both houses of Parliament in August of 2015. The regulations regarding Citizenship by Investment in Saint Lucia are contained in Statutory Instrument No. 89 of 2015. The Act enables individuals and families to acquire Saint Lucian citizenship upon making a qualifying investment.



  • The Freedom to live and work anywhere in the Caribbean
  • No interview, net worth, language or residency requirement
  • St. Lucia recognizes dual citizenship


  • Free trade within the Caricom region
  • Personal Income Tax only payable if you are a resident
  • Economically, legally and socially stable country which is part of the Commonwealth with democracy based on the British parliamentary system


  • Unrestricted right to live, work and study anywhere in the Caribbean region
  • Visa-free travel or visa on arrival to 145 countries including the United Kingdom, European Union Schengen Zone, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Due to St. Lucia’s popularity as a tourist destination, there are many non-stop flights from the USA and Europe


  • Although there is no residency requirement, St. Lucia citizenship offers investors the opportunity to reside in one of the most beautiful and desired locations in the Caribbean
  • No estate or inherit tax and no tax on worldwide income

Investment Options

Option 1: Government Donation Option

  • 100,000 USD Single
  • 165,000 USD Couple
  • 190,000 USD per family up to 4
  • Family more than 4 additional dependent 25,000 USD

Option 2: Real Estate Option

  • 300,000 per family (unlimited members)

Option 3: Government Bonds Option (5 years holding period)

  • 500,000 USD single
  • 535,000 USD couple
  • 550,000 USD per family up to 4
  • Family more than 4 additional dependent 25,000 USD

Country Features

  • Location:
  • Total area:
  • Population:
  • Time Zone
  • Climate:
  • Capital City:
  • Economy:
  • Language:
  • Currency:
  • Number of visa free countries
  • Processing time to Residency
  • West Indies, eastern Caribbean Sea
  • 617km²
  • 177,844
  • GMT -4
  • Tropical and the rainfall
  • Castries
  • Agriculture and Tourism
  • English & Creole French
  • Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
  • 145
  • 3 to 4 Months


Step 1:

ROC Citizenship shall pre-screen your passport copy for Government pre-approval to ensure fast processing.
USD 8,400 or AED31,500 non-refundable down payment professional fees will be required to open your application.

Step 2:

ROC Citizenship will assist and advise with regards to the collection of the documents required on the checklist.

Step 3:

On submission of documents, due diligence fees is paid

Step 4:

The due diligence report is submitted to the government for approval. Once your application is accepted, you are invited to pay the application requirements.

Step 5:

A certificate of naturalization and passport is issued in your name.
ROC Citizenship professional fees, official application forms, certificates & residency cards, courier and other disbursements are the only other costs associated.
A full-itemized quotation with no hidden costs is provided

Required Documents

  • Birth Certificate (original and copy)
  • Medical Health Certificate (less than three (3) months old)
  • Police certificate (less than six (6) months old)
  • Letter of recommendation from the head of the School/University for Children between 12 and 18 years old
  • Recommendation from applicant’s bankers
  • Proof of payment of relevant fees
  • Affidavit of Sourceof Funds
  • Detailed Business Background Reports/Resume
  • Letter of Employment/ Financial Statements (from the last six (6) months)
  • Recommendation from applicant’s bankers
  • Two (2) Personal references
  • Two (2) Professional references
  • Eight (8) passport size photos for each applicant
  • Marriage Certificate/Dissolution of Marriage if required
  • Notarized copies of University/College Diplomas
  • If documents are not in English, both original and translated ones must be given
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